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Betraying the reader’s trust-authortoolbox

What happens when a writer completely disregards established genre tropes?

This week I am trying something new: Video. Let me know if you like the new format in the comments

Disregarding genre tropes can be hazardous to your readership

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M.L. Keller is a freelance writer and editor. Her blog "The Manuscript Shredder" is focused on helping emerging writers hone their craft.

One Comment

  • Brett Minor

    You have a lot of great points, but I do not care for the video format. Initially, the sound was entirely too low. I had difficulty hearing.

    But even if that was not an issue, I would much rather read than watch a video. I am a very fast reader and I have no control over a video. I have to take 13 minutes to watch it all. I could have read that same info in 3 or 4 minutes. It also removes my ability to go back and look at the parts I want to review after finishing. I can scan text and find what I am looking for. In a video, I have to jump all around the video trying to find it. I quickly get frustrated and move on.

    Do with this what you will. Just my two cents.

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