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    Your Novel This Month needs ARC readers

    I have an announcement It’s Friday and I usually have a writing-related post, but today I’m taking a break for a special announcement In just a few short months I will be releasing my first writing book. Based on my “Beginner’s Guide to NaNoWriMo” blog posts, this book breaks down contemporary plot structure into daily writing goals in order to guide the novice writer through the entire month. The August 1 release date has me in a panic to get all the details finished in time, so I have taken a short break from “shredding” other writers’ work to shred my own. (I will be announcing the pre-order soon, so look…

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    I’ve moved

    Announcing my new website M.L. Keller has moved to themanuscriptshredder.com Why the move? While I loved my original site, I kept running into limitations with the free plan. What does that mean for you? More content, more often! While I will continue the Friday articles, I will also be adding new types of content, starting with daily prompts and plot point-wordcount goals for NaNoWriMo throughout the month of November, and a few new surprises for the new year. Do you have to re-subscribe? No, I have migrated the subscriber list from the old website to the new one. You don’t have to do anything. Starting today, I will no longer be…