Free customizable 2018 planner for bloggers

messy desk free planner for bloggers

My desk is a train wreck. I have a planner, a blog planner, 2 notebooks, a “to do” pad, some printed sheets for whatever project I have going on at the moment, all mixed in with random forgotten nonsense. Half the time I don’t even have a place for my laptop. So next year, I am going to come up with a better system. I’m calling it my free planner for bloggers and I’m going to share it with you.

Another blog planner?

There are dozens of blog planners out there. I scanned many of them and nothing out there works for me. I’m not religious. I certainly don’t need meal planners and I’m sure as hell not gonna put little stickers on a household chore chart?!?!  I need something that is geared toward the professional writer/blogger. Simple, streamlined, and free!

Setting up your free planner

The basics

  1. A three ring binderBinder- Free planner for bloggers
    Really splurge if you find one you love. I think mine was .99 cents on clearance. I chose a 3-ring because they are readily available and you don’t need a weird hole punch.
  2. Tab dividers (monthly and regular)Binder tabs-Free planner for bloggers
    I made my monthly tabs on my Cricut (Because I’m still trying to justify the purchase. If you are in the same boat, here’s a link to the file.) 
  3. Lots of printer paper
    I bought a ream of slightly (Affiliate link) better printer paper. It’s 32 lb, rather than the usual 20, which means its thicker and has a nicer feel. No worries, the cheap stuff works too.


(I will continue to update these throughout the year, so check back each month.)

The monthly calendar: 2-page spread

2 page monthly calendar-Free Planner for Bloggers

click on the month to download

Jan 2018
Feb 2018

Weekly page

Click to download Weekly Calendar PDF with time

Click to download Weekly Calendar PDF without time

weekly calendar-Free Planner for Bloggers


I set this up for an hourly schedule. The hours end at 3 because my daughter gets off the bus at four and there’s no possibility of getting anything done after. There are spots for evening and all day events.

Blog post outline page

Click to download the Blog post sketchBlog post sketch Free Planner for Bloggers

This page is a place to sketch out the weekly blog post. At the bottom, there are check boxes for marketing the post. I only do one post a week, but if you do more, feel free to add more pages.

Setting it upfree 2018 planner for bloggers

The monthly section is pretty self-explanatory, so I’ll skip that. In the back I used the extra tabs for year-long projects:

Customize for your own use, but this is what I have:

  1.  Social media goals
  2. Optimizing for Pinterest
  3. Revamping SEO on old posts
  4. #QuerySwap
  5. Scratchpad

Fancy Extras (optional)

  1. Sticker paper for printing stickers
    (I use (Affiliate link) Best Print full sheet labels. The quality isn’t a good as Cricut sticker paper, but it’s way cheaper)
  2. A big clip for your pen

Weekly stickers for making your planner look pretty. (Because you totally have time for that.)

Stickers- Free planner for bloggers
Jan 5

These are all made on the Cricut and if you are an Access subscriber, they should be free. (Sorry Silhouette users, I don’t have an SVG creator.)

Each week is different.

January 1
January 2
January 3
January 4
January 5

(More to come, so check back every month)

And that’s it. If you have any questions or ideas for improvement, please leave a comment.

Best of luck in 2018

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