Free Cricut Planner Stickers: April

The April Planner Stickers are here

These stickers are optimized for Cricut cutting machines. Just print and cut on shipping labels or Cricut sticker paper.

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April 1

I love the trappings of spring. Adorable baby animals and, of course, chocolate. Who could be in a bad mood?

April 1 Planner Stickers
April 1 Stickers

April 2

Another inevitable sign of spring: rain. But it’s a sign of better weather to come.

april 2 planner stickers
April 2 Stickers

April 3

Who doesn’t need a little sweet pick me up? If the snow hasn’t ended at you, it will be soon. Bring on the sun.

April 3 Planner Stickers
April 3 Stickers

April 4

Perhaps winter has one last blast? We can still look chic with the art deco layout.

April 4 Planner Stickers
April 4 Stickers

April 5

By the end of April, I’m ready to get my hands dirty. Time to get in the garden.

April 5 Planner Stickers
April 5 Stickers

Hope you enjoy using these stickers as much as I enjoyed making them. Drop me a line if there’s something you’d like to see.

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