Free Cricut planner stickers for January 2018

Optimizing your January Planner Stickers

Customizing your planner with these free Cricut stickers is easy. Just open the file, print, then cut.

Here are some tips to make sure you get the best results

Use the blank calendar

Print out the blank calendar. (Click here for blank calendar) This will assure the pre-printed times will not bleed through your finished page.

Free 2018 Blog planner
Notice the pre-printed schedule ghosting through the sticker

Verify your printer settings

I was initially very frustrated with the print quality of these stickers until I discovered my printer was using draft mode.

Free Blog planner
Click on advanced options


Free Blog planner
Select “best quality” (your printer may be different)
Free Blog planner
Save settings as preset (I named mine Cricut)

This made a huge difference in the quality of my finished stickers.

January Planner Stickers

January 1

Free-cricut-planner-stickers January 1
Free Cricut planner stickers January 1


January 2

Free-cricut-planner-stickers January 2
Free Cricut planner stickers January 2

January 3


Free-cricut-planner-stickers January 3
Free Cricut planner stickers January 3

January 4

Free-cricut-planner-stickers January 4
Free Cricut planner stickers January 4

January 5

Free-cricut-planner-stickers January 5
Free Cricut planner stickers January 5 

These were really fun to make and even easier to use. Check back every month for new designs. And if there is something you would like to see or a suggestion for improvement, leave me a comment.

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