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Hello all insecure writers!  

Things have slowed down at the website. For nearly two years I have posted almost every Friday on writing topic, but the schedule has changed in the last few months.


My attention is now split among too many areas. First is promoting my writing book, which has now been out for seven months. I’m happy that sales are steady. Unfortunately, they are also slow. But since it’s been consistently in the black, I’m counting it as a success.  

The second drain on my time and attention is my new job. I’ve returned part-time to the classroom. I’m enjoying it, but it has made my third venture trickier.  

My third venture is the upcoming release of a new novel. Yes, I’m writing more fiction (Hooray!) But this is a huge jump in genre for me, so I’ve paired up with a more seasoned author. The downside is that we’re also creating a publishing company (because Amazon won’t let you share sales with another author) and I’m publishing under a pen name. (Because I don’t want to be the primary school teacher who writes racy romance novels!) So not only am I trying to edit, promote, etc. I am also trying to work through the legal nonsense of setting up our publishing company.  

So that’s it for the news.  

Now, it’s time for another insecure writer’s post. This month’s question:   Besides writing what other creative outlets do you have?
The awesome co-hosts for the February 6 posting of the IWSG are Raimey Gallant,Natalie Aguirre,CV Grehan, and Michelle Wallace!  

Since wine and chocolate probably don’t count as a creative outlet, I’m going to go with my weirdest, most pointless obsession: planner decorating?

Yes, this is a thing.

Planner decorating is for people who aren’t busy enough to actually require the use of a planner. But there is something strangely satisfying about notating my single weekly appointment with about $5 worth of stickers. This isn’t just your average BoJo gone wild. This is a multi-million-dollar industry, run by bored soccer moms across the country (but mostly in Utah.) There are dozens of Instagram tags, hundreds of planner bloggers, and more Youtube channels than you would ever want to watch, all of women putting stickers in their planners. It makes no sense what-so-ever.

Here’s mine:

Yeah all this pink and hearts isn’t even my aesthetic, but for some reason, I really like doing it. Maybe it’s the illusion of being productive. Maybe it’s the instant gratification of slapping five or six stickers on a piece of paper and having a “finished layout.”

Other crafts are too time consuming. Knitting takes hours. Gardening takes weeks. Planner layout? About 4 minutes. And it requires no thought. That’s 4 minutes where I don’t have to solve a problem. Feed someone. Clean something. Fold something. Nothing. Just 4 minutes of easy.  

Ok, maybe I do get it.  

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