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NaNoWriMo Plot Point Scrivener Template

The Manuscript Shredder’s NaNoWriMo Plot Point calendar is now a Scrivener template.

The plot point calendar I complied last November that also became the basis for my book Your Novel, This Month has gone through a few updates. Its second incarnation was as an excel spreadsheet created by author P.J. Friel (Thanks so much!) Get the Manuscript Shredder NaNoWriMo Calendar here This spreadsheet allows authors to make notes along side the plot points to keep their story on track. It also provides a place for authors to put in their own word count goals. This means that you can easily check your pacing in a longer or shorter works.

Now, I’ve moved those plot points into a Scrivener template so that authors no longer need to have separate programs but can keep all their notes in one place.

NaNoWriMo Plot Point Scrivener Template
Get the template here

The template was made in the previous version of Scrivener, but I have had it tested in the new version.

[UPDATE: I had a problem with Google drive adding an .xml extension to some users’ files. The file name is “NaNoWriMo Plot Point Template.scrivtemplate” If google adds .xml to your filename, just delete the extra extention and you are ready to go.]

How to import:

splash screen.png
Splash Screen

Open Scrivener. If the new project splash screen doesn’t open, go under File>New Project

On the splash screen go to Options>Import Templates

Find the template file and click ok

The Template should appear under the “Fiction” tab

Select NaNoWriMo Plot Point Template

Name your project and we are ready to go

Taking a look around


The notes from Novel Format are the same notes included with the standard Scrivener Template. Ignore those for now.

overview corkboard.png
Overview in corkboard mode

The Manuscript outline is divided into 5 categories. The first four are part of the standard plot point calendar. I have included a separate section for the Love interest because these are optional and their position within the outline is flexible. If you plan to have a love interest, move these scenes into the outline wherever you need them.

Part 1 overview.png
My notes are only on the “Folder” level

The template is organized so that my notes are on the ‘folder” in the synopsis. This means they will appear in the outline as you are planning your scenes, but they will not appear anywhere in the complied document (even if you click the wrong tab) and you are free to make your notes in the scene synopsis.

In outline mode you can see the plot goal as you are trying to flesh out your scenes

When you compile, I suggest removing the section breaks and keeping the chapters. (Either rename them or, if you use numbers, remove the auto chapter counting when you compile.)

I hope this template makes planning your novel easier. Best of luck on your next project.

Have any good Scrivener tips? Add them in the comments.

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