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Adventures in NaNoWriMo

Planning for the Final Battle NaNoWriMo day 24

Day 24 is the day your hero begins planning for the final battle.

While your hero is planning for the final battle she needs to tie up loose ends. Now is the time to mend bridges and reassemble the team.

Getting the band back togetherpreparing for the final

Since your main character has been acting like a jerk, chances are she’s alienated some of her allies. Now is the time to smooth things over. Think about what aspect of the character lie caused the original conflict and how the new view will fix things. Show the main character demonstrating the new viewpoint. Consider the secondary character’s viewpoint. She was burned in the past, so it will take more than lip service from your hero to fix the problem. Your hero needs to do something to “show” she’s really changed.

Tie up subplots

Whatever has been brewing in the background needs to be finished by this point (Unless its critical to the climax or has some other function in the ending) The hero needs to be single focused at this point and to the end of the story. Make sure you have tied up the subplots.

Love interest?

This is the time to declare. If your hero hasn’t connected with her love interest, this needs to happen before the final battle. (Romance plotlines are different. In a romance plot, the climax is the moment the characters truly connect) This doesn’t mean they have to have their first kiss/sex scene, but it must be obvious to everyone involved that they are meant for each other.

Your character is ready to face her final challenge, but she’ll need her friends beside her

Your character has been a bit of a jerk lately and driven everyone off. Now that she has learned her lesson it’s time to swallow her pride and get the team back together.

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