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Query Advice

Ready to query your manuscript?

Here’s a list of resources that will help you get started


Yes, everyone hates them

Query Shark This is the best place to start.
Agent Query Another good resource
Mica Scotti Cole’s blueprint of a query letter


These are worse than queries

Publishing Crawl 1-page synopsis
Jane Friedman Editor and writing coach. Topics on everything publishing.
Writer’s Digest List of examples in different genres
Maria Vincent Literary agent. Posts about queries and synopsis

Ready to Query?

Writer’s Market Great for finding publishers $
Query Tracker Lists agents and keeps track of your submissions. free or $
Pitch Contests Carissa Taylor’s calendar of pitch contests
Twitter and Pitch Contests John Berkowitz list of most popular contests
Sub it club List updates every month
Twitter Contest Schedule Kristen D. Van Risseghem’s list (no longer current, but many links are still valid)

A list of my posts about pitching

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Matching voice in query and sample pages - How to match the voice in your query hook to your opening pages. ...
free feedback on your query at query swap Query Swap - Mark your Calendars. #QuerySwap is coming June 1, 2017 ...
Pitching Mistakes to Fix Right Now - Making your pitch stand out in a sea of submissions takes more than plugging words into a formula. You must find your manuscript’s “it” factor and make that your point of sale. ...
vague phrases to avoid in your query letter 50 Vague Phrases that have No Business in your Query - Vague pitches rob your query of its power. Don't waste your precious 140 characters with these dead weight phrases. ...
Pitch Contests: why you should get picky - Is Twitter really the best place to pitch your book? Before you enter a contest make sure you actually want to win. ...
Writing logical book pitches-www.themanuscriptshredder.com Writing Logical Pitches - Whether on Twitter, pitch contests, or in a query, effective pitches must tell a logical story ...