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The Second Plot Point NaNoWriMo day 22

At the Second Plot Point the Hero Learns His Lesson

The second plot point is the final piece of information the character needs to complete his arc and finally solve his problem.

  • Emmet learns that “special” is a state of mind
  • Joy learns that her favorite memory started sad

Characteristics of the Second Plot Point

Must be the final piece of the puzzle, but the character may or may not realize the significance at the time.

When Vitruvious tells Emmet that the only thing something needs to be special is to believe, Emmet is inspired into action. However, at this moment he thinks the new information means that everyone in the room had the power to be “the special.” With this knowledge, he is able to save the others through self-sacrifice, believing that someone else will be able to finally stop Lord Business.

The lie can no longer exist alongside the new information. Before the character could rationalize evidence that was inconsistent with his lie, but after this point, he cannot.

Once Joy sees that Saddness helped Riley process loss and grief and that leads to Riley’s happiest memory, Joy can no longer deny Saddness’s role in Riley’s mental health.

the second plot point-www.themanuscriptshredder.comMust propel the character into action.

Both Joy and Emmet were paralyzed during their dark moment (all hope is lost). Once they had the new information, they were inspired into action. Before this moment, Joy believed that to save Riley, she had to save herself. After the new information she realizes that to save Riley, she really needs to save Saddness.

It is the pivot point in the story

The Second Plot Point is the final event in the third section. This is a critical point in the story. Everything has been building steadily to this moment. This marks the end of any set-up. Past this point, you should not introduce any new elements. Everything the hero needs to win must already be in play. No 11th-hour twists.

The second plot point marks the final lesson for your character

The second plot point makes true victory possible. It’s the final piece of the puzzle. This is what your character has been searching for. Now, it’s time for the final battle to begin.

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