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8 Effective Book Marketing Strategies

8 Effective Book Marketing Strategies

8 strategies for marketing yourself as an author and selling more books. Tips for how to get started and how to keep improving the reach of your brand

Steps to Publishing your ebook

Steps to Publishing your ebook

You’ve finished writing and editing, but now you need to prepare your novel for ePublishing

Query Swap Blog Tour

Query Swap Blog Tour

Query Swap needs your help

The first #QuerySwap was a small, but successful, event. This time, I want to reach more writers with this opportunity, but I need your help. If you have a blog (even if the readership is small) I would like to add you to the blog tour leading up to the next query swap.

What is #QuerySwap?

Query Swap is a biannual Twitter event. Writers who want to participate in feedback exchanges on their queries can meet during this Twitter event to meet, pitch, and connect with other like-minded writers. (For complete details see the full Query Swap post.)

How can I help?

All you need to do is

  1. Post on your blog about #QuerySwap. I will provide all the information. You can simply cut and paste, or tweak it as much as you need to match the format and tone of your blog.
  2. On your assigned day, publish the post
  3. Share on social media.

That’s it.

I will subscribe to the comments on your blog and handle any questions.

You also don’t need to participate in the #queryswap event. If you are a blogger, I will be happy to add you to the list.

Ready to help? Send me an email with the subject queryswap to michelekellerauthor(at)gmail.com. Include your blog address and twitter handle (if applicable.)

Details will be sent out December 1.

Thank you!