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Takeover: Best Low-Cost Book Publicity

Author P.J. Friel talks about a better way to sell books

Hey ML!  Guess what I’m doing Saturday night!  A TAKEOVER!

What exactly is a takeover, you may ask? It sounds so hostile, maybe even a little violent. Something Trygg (the hero of my debut novel A TWIST OF WYRD) A Twist of Wyrd (The Ways of Wyrd Book 1) by [Friel, PJ]and a few of his berserker buddies would do for fun on a Saturday night.  Or if your interests lay in the kinky realm, you might be picturing silk ties and ball gags ala 50 Shades.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you’d be wrong. A takeover is neither violent nor kinky, but it can be naughty…if you’re doing it right. Takeovers are what other authors do when they join a Facebook group and throw a little virtual party, offering up free books, gift certificates, and fun and games with the group members there. (With the Group Administration’s permission of course.)

Takeovers vary greatly depending up on who is running them and how many authors are involved. They can last anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours. Each author makes several posts, offering up rewards to those group members who participate. Often the posts are about that authors books, but they can also be just fun games.

This Saturday night, LM Wilson is hosting a takeover in her group—LM Wilson’s Literary Godlings—for several authors and I’m included. LM and I recently met on Facebook and became fast friends. While she writes in a different genre than I do—LM writes Reverse Harem and I write Paranormal Romance featuring a single couple—we share a common goal. We both want to have fun doing what we love and share that fun with as many people as we can.

I’ve been struggling with marketing and building an audience, and LM graciously offered to help me out. She has been doing this writing gig for a while and she told me that I was making things much harder on myself than I needed to. All I really had to do was relax and have a little fun.

So, that’s what we’re going to do. Join us for games, free books, prizes, and lots of silly and certainly naughty fun. (LM calls this takeover my “cherry popping” so you know it’s gonna get wild.)

Date & Time: 12/15/18 @ 4:30pm to 11:30pm EST
Place: LM’s group – LM Wilson’s Literary Godlings
Participating Authors: LM Wilson (aka Yalu Taylors), Cassandra Night, Sue McMiles, Miki Ward, Sofia Hoffman, and me—PJ Friel, the sacrificial takeover virgin.

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Low-cost secret to selling books-www.themanuscriptshredder.com


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