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Writing and Releasing Rapidly: Review

Writing and Releasing Rapidly
Indie inspiration book 1 by Elana Johnson

Releasing a book every month seems daunting. How is it possible to juggle drafting, editing, publishing, and publicity in just one month? Rapid release strategy seems impossible, but many authors are doing just that. In Writing and Releasing Rapidly, author Elana Johnson breaks down the monster and shows you how it can be done.

Why this book?

Where there are plenty of books out there on rapid release, most of the authors don’t have the credibility to back up their method. Johnson, a two-time USA Today bestselling author, Amazon bestselling author, Kindle All-Star Author, has been making six-figures just with my writing since 2016.

What this book is

Writing a Releasing Rapidly is not a book about writing. There is very little information about drafting, or even how to draft quickly. Instead, this book focuses on Johnson’s experience releasing books on different schedules.

What makes the book interesting is that she gives out her sales data for each of her release strategies: 11-week, 6-week, 3-week, and every week. I would have preferred to see this information presented better, perhaps in a table or graph that would allow easier comparisons. Extrapolating meaningful conclusions from the raw data was difficult.

More helpful was the peek into her process for each release. Johnson talked about what types of ads she ran during each release schedule and which books from her back list she ran those ads on. This was revolutionary for me, since she often released a book with little to no advertising for that book, but instead focused on another book in the series, or even an unrelated series.

The true value in this book lies with glimpse behind the scenes. Based on the information in her book, the schedule of her book releases isn’t the critical component. Johnson frequently uses Bookbub and other forms of advertising to promote sales and freebies on her backlist and boosting sales for other books in the series, and to grow her newsletter. Because she gives the actual numbers the cause and effect from her Bookbub and other advertising activities was clear.

The other gem is her “Tiered Release Strategy.” This strategy is something she reference throughout the book, but the PDF where she organizes it into actionable steps is brilliant. This PDF is actually not included in the book, but available on her website

Where this book falls short

From the title of the book, I was hoping for a clear manual for managing the multiple tasks involved in rapid release. Unfortunately, this book doesn’t fit the bill. Data was not presented in a meaningful or engaging format.


While I did enjoy the book, it is not an instruction manual on rapid release, but a collection of case studies showing its effectiveness. If you are already a KU subscriber, it’s worth reading for the insight that it does contain, but if you want a manual to help you get started managing your own rapid release strategy, you will need to look elsewhere.

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Johnson, Elana. Writing and Releasing Rapidly (Indie Inspiration for Self-Publishers Book 1) . AEJ Creative Works. Kindle Edition.

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  • Iola

    Thank you for the review – I’m curious about rapid release but not in KU, and it sounds as though I’d have had the same response as you to the book.

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