Writing Goals-IWSG

Writing Goals-IWSG

 It’s IWSG time again!

This is my monthly post on the blog hop The Insecure Writers Support Group: a blog hop therapy group for writers.

(If you’re here for my writing lessons and have no need for this warm-fuzzy-feeling stuff, I’ll see you Friday after next. I’m on vacation.)

The awesome co-hosts for the July 3 posting of the IWSG are Nicki Elson, Juneta Key, Tamara Narayan, and Patricia Lynne!

July 3 question –

What are your ultimate writing goals, and how have they changed over time (if at all)?

Writing Goals

My writing goals have definately changes. When I first began writing, I was only interested in writing novels set in one world. This was going to be my “Wheel of Time.” I wrote several before I had ever heard of a plot point. Writing was a hobby. A fun way to blow off some steam.

As my writing abilitiy has improved, I’ve begun helping others. First as a CP, then as an editor, and now my website. Now, I spend most of my time editing other people’s manuscripts, which is fine. I enjoy it.

So my goals have definately changed. I’m no longer knee-deep in the querying trenches. Instead, I’m helping others reach their own goals.

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