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Your Novel This Month needs ARC readers

I have an announcement

It’s Friday and I usually have a writing-related post, but today I’m taking a break for a special announcement

In just a few short months I will be releasing my first writing book.

Your Novel, This

Based on my “Beginner’s Guide to NaNoWriMo” blog posts, this book breaks down contemporary plot structure into daily writing goals in order to guide the novice writer through the entire month. The August 1 release date has me in a panic to get all the details finished in time, so I have taken a short break from “shredding” other writers’ work to shred my own. (I will be announcing the pre-order soon, so look for my book spam in you Twitter feed!)

I’m currently looking for ARC reviewers, Bloggers, and/or Podcasters for the publicity campaign for the August release.

Please, let me know how you would like to participate. I will be happy to guest post on a writing topic or interview for bloggers/podcasters, rather than the standard book blurb. Just let me know what you would prefer.

If you’d like to participate send me an email michelekellerauthor(at)gmail Thanks!


Don’t forget about Query Swap

And a not so gentle reminder about #QuerySwap.


If you haven’t heard about #QuerySwap. It is a chance for you to exchange queries with another writer and get feedback. This event lasts all day and you can swap with as many people as you want. This is a great way to get your query letter in shape for that next batch of submissions.


No problem. Get feedback on you back cover burb, instead.

Thank you to my readers

For those of you who have been faithfully retweeting and re-sharing, thank you. #QuerySwap is always a small event, but I know it’s still helping writers. That is all because you have done so much to spread the word. I cannot thank you enough.

M.L. Keller is a freelance writer and editor. Her blog "The Manuscript Shredder" is focused on helping emerging writers hone their craft.


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